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Computer Workstations

On-site Computer Workstation Repair Technicians

Computer Support Services supports most major IT infrastructure technology. And our highly automated systems management environment allows Computer Support Services to provide 24×7 IT infrastructure support for less cost than hiring a single individual. A hypothetical example of this would be the company scenario below.


The Hypothetical Scenario

ABC is a mid-sized corporation in the United States with a total staff of 350 employees. ABC, like many other companies, has many critical applications running; any of which could cause chaos and financial loss if down.

One day the company found themselves in a severe bind. Their only Microsoft Exchange administrator had quit on very short notice. This left the company with no one to administer an environment that had become mission critical to the company’s staff and clients.

The company turned to Computer Support Services that same day and within minutes Computer Support Services staff had implemented its remote administration service for Exchange and was monitoring and providing remote Exchange administration of the company’s Microsoft environment and network.

Today, Computer Support Services staff uses time proven monitoring, management and administrative solutions to support our clients. Our world-class Network Operations Center (NOC) operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


The Result for the “ABC Corporation”

The company would receive a higher service level for a lower cost, and they no longer had to worry about losing critical staff members again.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements to reduce your dependency on a single individual contact an Computer Support Services representative today.



New System Installation & Configuration

Computer Support Services is an IT firm located in Central Maryland that specializes in designing, building, deploying and maintaining today’s information technology systems. Our company provides comprehensive computer, network and system support services to a diverse range of small, medium and large companies throughout Central Maryland.  We pride ourselves in maintaining many industry leading certifications from the most prevalent manufacturers in the industry and we constantly strive to extend our technology experience into new areas every day.



Virus and Spyware Removal

Virus removal

Did you know that many computers running Microsoft Windows are infected with viruses or spyware? It’s true! About 45,000 new viruses are released every day. Even Apple computers are recently getting hit with malware attacks.

Get rid of malware before its too late.

Computer Support Servicess utilizes the most sophisticated and secure removal processes available. We have successfully removed many viruses, spyware and malware, including BankerFox, Conficker, Rapid AntiVirus, Koobface, Anti-Spyware 2012, Anti-Virus 2012, Zlob, Vundo, Virtumonde, WildTangent without jeopardizing your valuable data.

Infected computers can risk your sensitive information and cause damage to other computers. Viruses can also spread over networks, through storage devices and over e-mail. This can cause problems for your friends, family and co-workers. Viruses and spyware can compromise all the data that is stored your computer, potentially siphoning credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information to be leaked out on to the Internet. This can lead to identity theft, fraud and other problems that no computer user deserves to experience.


Server Installation, Configuration & Repairs

Computer Support Services is a small IT consulting and support company.

Working with SME’s to provide quality IT support, both on site and remote.

We can Install, Configure and repair all Microsoft based Server and operating systems including the following.

Windows Server 2000


Network Design & Installation Services

Computer Support Services employs highly trained and experienced network design consultants.

Our network design consultants can design or re-engineer a network infrastructure that provides the capacity, scalability, security, availability, manageability and serviceability required by today’s most demanding applications. The network design consultants will audit your network infrastructure and will advise you on where upgrades would be advisable, where bottlenecks are or are likely to be in the future, and where the network’s security is at risk.

Customers may want to utilise the latest technologies such as Voice over IP and Multimedia conferencing, however many legacy networks have limited support for Rich Media. Our network consultancy services will assist you in the choice of new hardware where needed, appropriate Quality of Service implementations and all necessary steps to converge your data and voice infrastructures into a single network.

Computer Support Services provide networking, infrastructure and technology solutions to SME and Corporate organizations.  We offer a consultative approach to technology and feature a wide range of services that will provide your business with greater productivity and efficient communication.


Network Trouble-shooting & Repairs

Efficient troubleshooting depends on the computer repair technician’s expertise and their familiarity with your IT systems. When partnering with Computer Support Services, you’re assigned Microsoft-Certified computer repair technicians who treat your network like it was their own. Once an Computer Support Services Professional has evaluated your computer network, documented and implemented recommended system upgrades, our technical staff can quickly diagnose and resolve issues each time we visit your facility. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Computer Support Services has direct access to the full Microsoft support network including priority telephone support when a critical server or service is down.